The writing process has been very interesting.


I knew from the outset what the core themes of the story where however figuring out the best way to convey them was a difficult process.


Originally this idea began as a 16 page script involving flashbacks and flash forwards however as I began to cut it down I realised that the characters were not speaking for themselves.


I then worked to make the past friendships and the new themes far clearer but through actions, not dialogue, and this took the film down to a quiet, subtle 9 pages.


I believe the most powerful films show intent and arcs through actions, not dialogue and in this script it is particularly relevant.


Above is the first page of the final script. This was the 9th draft.

In the future I hope to bring a producer on board and raise the funds to begin production on this piece, filming in Newquay, UK.


Lei - Writer


"Lei" is a script written in my final year of University.

It was inspired by my experiences going home after two years at away. Reconnecting with old friends I realised exactly how far apart a lot of us had grown in such a short time. It led me to explore what would happen to people who grew up in a very small, claustrophobic town and then suddenly left, only to be reunited at a friend's funeral.


The funeral ritual of surfers is one that struck a real chord with me when I witnessed one a few years ago. Surfing holds a very important role in a lot of people's lives and it was one that I wanted to expand upon because some of my best friendships now have been created through surfing.



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